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Jakusz Total Containment Vessels

Vision Asia offers Total Containment Vessels from Jakusz, EU which are explosion-proof containers designed for safe isolation, storage and transport of explosive or hazardous materials. In the event of detonation, the containers protect human life, infrastructure, and the natural environment against the effects of the explosion.


  • Contains the explosive blast and resulting fragments up to its explosive rating
  • Safely transports explosives
  • Gas-tight or ventilated
  • User friendly
  • Remotely steered and can be installed on trailers, wheeled platforms, or on their own chassis


  • “Open” explosion-proof containers – portable and provide protection against much larger explosive materials; prevents the horizontal projection of fragments and directs the detonation wave upwards, protecting the nearest surroundings.
  • Ventilated closed explosion-proof containers – enable the emission of gases generated during detonation from the container through special openings.
  • Gas-tight explosion-proof containers – retain post-detonation gases in a gas-tight structure of the container for a specific time, allowing for future sampling and toxicity analyses in a laboratory.

Use in Airports

  • Airport blast-proof containers designed for safe and quick isolation of suspected luggage out of a crowded airport terminal
  • Blast-proof containers may be used to secure hand luggage, big suitcases and purposefully-left packages
  • The positioning device allows easy integration with a Baggage Handling System
  • Explosion resistance up to 8 kg TNT


EVA8kg1.6m Gas-tight
PAULA MAX10 x 5kg1.2m Gas-tight
EVA PLUS5kg/100mm projectile1.6m Gas-tight