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MC2 Body Scanner

Vision Asia offers unique Body Scanner from MC2 Technologies, France, which automatically detects hidden objects under clothing. The scanner is based on passive microwave technology and is totally harmless for the human body and compatible with medical equipment.


Principle of Operation:

People emit and reflect thermal energy. Human skin, for example, is highly emissive, but reflects very little of the surrounding energy. Other objects made of material to manufacture weapons, such as metals, ceramics, plastics, or composite are less emissive and therefore reflect more of ambient energy. Using these inherent variations in emissivity along with the millimetre waves generated from the thermal energy of people, objects, and their environment, MC2 body scanner is able to differentiate between the body temperature and the temperature of a suspect item.

How it Works:

1. The operator controls the scanner directly with the built-in computer and the touch screen or remotely through the network. The person needs to rotate inside the scanner.

2. The person walks through a corridor and is scanned from the front and back without the need to stop.


  • Transportation Hubs
  • Military Installations
  • Government Facilities
  • Prisons
  • Corporate/Private Security
  • Loss Prevention