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EnsoMOSAIC Software

EnsoMOSAIC software developed by Mosaic Mill from Finnland can be used with Tetracam ADC and miniMCA multispectral cameras. The software produces ortho-mosaics from airborne digital images by performing automated feature extraction to create a fully editable bundle block. EnsoMOSAIC processes small, medium and large format digital aerial photos collected from both UAVs and aircraft.

  • EnsoMOSAIC – core photogrammetric software for aerial triangulation and orthomosaicking
  • EnsoMOSAIC UAV – photogrammetric software for aerial triangulation and orthomosaicking – all you need to start mapping
  • EnsoMOSAIC 3D – 3D mapping software for data extraction and point cloud management
  • Camera Calibration – calibration software for calculation of camera internal orientation
  • Terrain Modelling – point cloud software, creates “lidar point cloud” from oriented images
  • Image Pre-processing – preprocessing software for optimizing RAW CIR and RGB images
  • Seamline Editing – software for improving mosaics of city and town areas

EnsoMOSAIC Features:

  • Automatic aerial triangulation
  • Image mosaicking
  • Block and tie point editing
  • Color balancing
  • Generation of a digital elevation model
  • Creation of digital surface model

Visit the www.mosaicmill.com website for more information.