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Xcitex ProAnalyst Software

Xcitex ProAnalyst is the premier software package for measuring motion from video. ProAnalyst is used worldwide by researchers, engineers, product designers, doctors and scientists in a variety of applications, ranging from measuring athletic performance to calculating the size of airbags in cars to tracking missiles in space. ProAnalyst allows you to import any video and quickly extract and quantify the motion within that video. With ProAnalyst, any video camera becomes a non-contact test instrument. And because it was designed with the test engineer in mind, ProAnalyst is full featured, powerful and affordable. ProAnalyst works seamlessly with all high-speed cameras from Fastec Imaging.

ProAnalyst is currently available in four editions:

  • ProAnalyst Introductory Edition
  • ProAnalyst Lite Edition
  • ProAnalyst Professional Edition Network Licensing
  • ProAnalyst 3-D Professional Edition

Visit the www.xcitex.com website for a complete description of each feature set and pricing.